Victory Czech

Pallets and stillages for transport

Since 1999, Victory Czech has been developing and manufacturing metal transportation pallets, containers and handling technology for in-house logistics and transportation for flat glass manufacturers and processors.
In 2006, we started producing transportation stillages for large area flat glass (1.5 t stillages with a carrying capacity of 28 t).

We offer:

  • development and manufacture of pallets and logistics components,
  • repairs and modifications to pallets and stillages,
  • supplies of spare or additional parts for pallets and stillages,
  • handicapped employed within the disablement scheme.

Manufacture technical preparation (MTP):
Construction and drawings are processed in our CAD system with the option of electronic output in DXF, DWG, IGES or STEP formats.
We work with a certified international welding technologist (IWT), who provides international supervision for Victory Czech and creates WPS if needed.
Welding technology: MIG, MAG
Certificates: ISO 9001:2000

Pallet for automotive glass

Inloader Stillage one-side

Glass transport pallet

Thin glass frame

Pallet for sheet glass

Pallet for automotive glass

Inloader Stillage double-side
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