Victory Czech

Service and assembly outsourcing

Victory Czech offers outsourcing of pre-manufacturing, manufacturing as well as post-manufacturing operations, input and output controls with the option of statistical data processing (SPC).

Examples of outsourcing:

  • manufacturing programme outsourcing,
  • assembly of units upon your assignment with the option of in-house part manufacturing in the pressing and metalworking plant,
  • inspections, sorting and supply re-packing in in-house packaging, including statistical data from your suppliers,
  • primer painting, tin plating, soldering in ventilated workplace,
  • preparation and assembly of packaging material and packaging,
  • 100% external audit at input.


  • high flexibility customised to customer´s requirements and market demands,
  • communication in English,
  • statistical data development (histogram, etc.),
  • in-house haulage – 7.5 t truck,
  • possibility of supplying parts by Victory Czech metal production,
  • disablement scheme - min. 40 disabled workers employed in 2009,
  • identification – bar codes,
  • insurance policy with up to CZK 5 million coverage.

Completed assemblies:

  • development of AL frames for double or triple glazing,
  • part priming,
  • gluing self-adhesive tapes on metal skirting,
  • part assembly for water taps,
  • cleaning and assembly of pallets for glass transportation,
  • sorting non-matching parts for the automotive industry.

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