Victory Czech

Cold forming

The key manufacturing programme for metal forming is custom series manufacturing of pressed parts as well as the assembly of additional parts.

Victory Czech, s.r.o. provides the following added value:

  • we always find a customised solution which best suits you
  • checks and measurements according to your requests (e.g. SPC)
  • we also provide group assemblies – for more information, see assembly
  • in-house haulage fleet with deliveries upon request (JIT)
  • packaging according to your request (dispensable/indispensable, ours/yours)
  • packaging provided with labels and barcode
  • large production capacity: hundreds of thousands of units /month
  • various surface finishes
  • additional testing according to the customer´s request
  • stand-by units to back up emergencies
  • we are ready to customise to your requests
  • disablement scheme
  • cooperation on part development

You can view some of our products to get an idea:


Cold forming - cutting, bending, drawing, etc.

Holder with pressed screws


Manufacture of metal profiles made of steel or other non-ferrous metals

Profile H


Pressing or working usually leaves undesirable sharp edges on products, surface unevenness or product contamination. Tumbling can be used to remove these. At the same time, parts are also degreased.

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