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Pressing or working usually causes undesirable sharp edges on products, surface unevenness or product contamination. Tumbling removes these and also degreases the parts.

We offer vibration tumbling in our OVV 45 machine (channel shaped barrel):

  • suitable for very fine up to small parts or for one large piece,
  • maximum weight of the charge including tumbling items is 90 kg,
  • loose part volume per one charge approximately 7 l,
  • 45 l barrel volume,
  • technology friendly to tumbled parts preventing part deformation,
  • this technology can also be used for polishing parts,
  • this technology can also tumble bar shaped pieces up to 450 mm in length.

We offer centrifugal barrel tumbling in our BOS 450 (cylinder shaped barrel):

  • suitable for smaller and medium-sized items,
  • loose part volume in one charge approximately 8 l,
  • technology friendly to tumbled items, preventing deformation,
  • this technology is a few times faster compared to vibration tumbling.

Since the items are degreased, we can also provide item passivation against subsequent oxidation.
The tumbling price is upon agreement and is based on sampling testing.

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